Are you planning a conference, business negotiations or an event abroad? We will select a suitable interpreter to match your needs.

Depending on specific circumstances, we select from the following types of interpreting:
»  consecutive
»  simultaneous with the use of interpreting equipment
»  legally certified interpreting
»  whispered interpreting

Customers turn to us with trust because:
»  we interpret in different language combinations,
»  we do not charge extra fees for expertise,
»  we consider expertise when selecting an interpreter,
»  we will study related materials prior to the interpreted event .

Consecutive interpreting is interpretation in parts. A speaker delivers a part of a speech, then takes a break while the interpreter interprets the given part of the text. Interpretation usually takes place after each sentence or in shorter units.

Simultaneous interpreting is immediate interpretation into the target language, where the interpreter sits in a sound-proof cabin, listens and concurrently interprets a speaker’s words. The speaker doesn’t have to take breaks while the text is partially interpreted and can speak fluently until the end. With simultaneous interpretation two interpreters are usually required along with the necessary interpretation equipment (interpreter‘s headphones, microphone and a table placed in the interpreter’s cabin).

Official legal interpreting is used when an interpreter is required for officially documented activities (registry office, court, notary). Can be performed only by an interpreter named by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, working under oath.

Whispered interpreting is a term meaning interpreting by whispering. This is a variation on simultaneous interpreting but is done without the help of interpreting equipment. This type of interpreting is suitable, for example, for discussions which take place in the Slovak language when all participants in the discussion speak Slovak except one, who speaks English. The interpreter sits alongside the given participant and during the discussions whispers the interpretation into his/her ear.

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