»  translations covering all fields of expertise
»  proofreading of Slovak texts and texts in foreign languages
»  express deadlines, translations "while you wait"
»  certified (official legal) translations
»  certified translations from/to any language
»  interpreting

For your comfort:
Our advantages:
»  graphic layout identical to your original document (pictures, drawings, etc.)
»  comfortable and rapid ordering by fax or via e-mail
»  deliveries by mail (COD), fax, e-mail, or courier services
»  deliveries on any kind of media (floppy disk, fax, e-mail, CD)
»  notarised copies of documents and translations upon request (for a fee)
»  translations "while you wait"
»  high quality
»  reliability in meeting deadlines
»  long years of experience
»  high level of technical development
»  individual and accommodating approach
»  favourable prices


Please, be informed that the agency has moved to Lúčky 12 in Skalica.

You can also order our services easily and quickly electronically from the comforts of your home.