We are located at Lúčky 12 in Skalica. We have been providing translation services since 2003, as well as proofreading and interpreting in different language combinations. During that time we have translated some ten thousand pages for citizens, institutions and businesses. We have gained a great deal of experience and our list of clients is constantly growing, a fact that pleases us and testifies to the quality of our services.

We work exclusively with experienced translators, interpreters and native speakers. Systematic education and following world events is a given for us. We are constantly improving and expanding our technical equipment so that we can satisfy the high demands of our customers. We recently added more European languages and a number of Asian languages to those we have on offer.

We enjoy our work and are happy that thanks to us a foreign language doesn’t have to be foreign.

Please, be informed that the agency has moved to Lúčky 12 in Skalica.

You can also order our services easily and quickly electronically from the comforts of your home.

E-mail: ntb@ntb.sk